Sunday, 14 March 2010


In our film opening there will be little or no script as it is controlled by a voice over which will be a selected poem from the Internet (not copyrighted). The poem will add to the eerie atmosphere and create a dramatic effect that will build upon the opening. The slight script of begging as the girl pleads for her life will only be quotes like "please don't", "stop" and "don't do this". At the end of the opening (also known as the beginning of the film) the stalker repeats "she picked her finger upon my rose" over and over until the end of the clip to empathize his love for her.


  1. This blog is very effective and is brilliant, im doing my AS levels in media and i have to write a blog but I dont really know how to start... can you give me any suggestions ? thank you

  2. The best way to start a media blog is to first list all the things that need doing and blogging such as
    - character
    - editing skills
    - typography
    - research
    - audience feedback

    Also try and do at least 1 blog post per day

    Good Luck with As media, hope you enjoy it as much as I did