Saturday, 20 March 2010

Opening Credits;

Final checks on our AS media piece were observed by Nanette (our media teacher). The only feedback she gave was an improvement on the opening credits because they were ordered incorrectly. Opening credits usually start from the less important roles and end with the important information towards the ending of the opening sequences.

Deciding the title order: Whilst browsing wikipedia, I also looked into films that parallel our own conventions. I chose two films- Panic Room (2002) and Taxi Driver (1976)

After comparing our roles to the list suggested on Wikipedia we rearrange the order of our opening credits.

Starting with the production company, the actors involved then the title of the film and finally the name of the director. Panic Room builds up the title sequence right through to the end where only one director can be listed which is orders from The Directors Guild of America. However, in rare cases such as death in mid-production there are exceptions.

Starting with the production company, then the title of the film, followed by the actors involved and finally the listed director.

Both film openings begin with the production company because the audience can instantly recognise what other films that company may have produced therefore are impressed. However, the listing of actors, writers and title of the film vary depending on what may attract an audience to the film more e.g. A famous actor such as Robert Pattinson from Twilight has a large fan base therefore the film company would use this to their advantage as a advertising tactic. In addition both films use one directors name at the end of the opening credits.

It is important that we use a common order which follows these two films for advertising tactics to attract our target audiences.

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