Friday, 26 March 2010



Tori Douglas- "it's actually really good :| i like the start bit where it's someone sat outside & i like it how you linked the scenes together when you closed the curtains. & the bit where you're in the coffin looks really good:| proper" effective"

Sam Marsh- "Wow. That's ridiculously good! It looks professional from start to end I love the music, make up, costumes. The whole fact it looks like a professionally done piece is stunning. Well done you guys!! xx"

Joseff Revill- "WOW! That was pretty awesome guys, top job on creating the atmosphere with the right sound score, dim lighting and the tapping on the car wheel is really eerie and helps draw the audience in, really good, i shall give it 5 revels out of 5 and my own personal HURRAY!"

Callum Cook- "That was brilliant XD The neck crack bit was freaky lols, i really liked it, Id give it my own personal hurray!"

Emily Cross- "The music is chilling and goes very well with the scenes, the shots are very different lengths which shows variety in the video. The make up and imagery is life like and the blood on the face is realistic, also the plain white shirt for the pjs gives the sense of an innocent victim. Very good Video"

Boyce Pratt- "totally spooky"

Abigail Wells- "it was really good, good acting and use of sound and camera shots, really worked well together :) and the scene with the black and white pictures was really dramtic and captured what it was about"

Jenni-Leigh Seaton- "i <3ed>

Jenna Thomas- "media blog is amazing babe :O you;ve done really well"


  1. Love it, visually brilliant and the editing and the sound, especially during the coffin (dream, nightmare, not really sure) scene.
    starts off very eerie and the long slow zoom towards the window is a great technique.
    the use of enigmas with the "stalker" was very well done however some kind of resolution would of been nice but that's more personal preference.

  2. Brilliant piece, particularly enjoyed the start scene with the stalker. I thought the use of the long camera shot from that viewpoint outside was a really good choice. However some of the camera work was very slightly shaky and in personal choice i wouldn't have used the negative imaging effect. Otherwise looked very visually dynamic.

  3. wow, I love it lol, the opening is really atmospheric and spooky, especially like the sound as you closed the curtains. The bit in the coffin was awesome too really spooky, espcially the bit where your neck cracked, that was a really nice touch lol. It's awesome, I wanna find out what happens next lolz =]

  4. Amazing work! The music and make-up deserves a big thumbs up. Very professional! x

  5. Very good work a solid 8 out of 10 sent shivers down the spine so a winner! It would be nice to see this extended, very promising talent xx