Thursday, 25 March 2010

Images & Effects;

By using Adobe Photoshop you can adjust photo to your needs. There are a number of techniques you can use to change photos and these are some examples:

Vignetting; this technique often referred to as "fish eye lens" creates the illusion of what someone sees through their eyes. At post-production we used this idea with the webcam shot then the audience are seeing the female character from the stalkers point of view.

Posterize; Using this approach makes the image look distorted but artistically. You can change the strengths of Posterizing and if this image was stronger the picture would have a a smudging effect. Researching all different photo editing helped the group decide what would suit the montage coffin scene.

Invent; Changing a photo from positive to negative looks like the one posted above. Inventing gives the photo an eerie look. However, the outcome of the image depends on the depth and brightness surrounding it. This is the reason why Inventing was only used very briefly whilst editing because the use of bright lights during the coffin scene resulted in the female character barely visible.

Black and White; used mostly in Film Noir, Black and White makes the image look older than actually dated. This is a good technique when used to deceive an audience during the time scale of the opening piece.

These techniques can also be used on Imovie therefore practising on photoshop was great practice before the editing sessions began.

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