Monday, 15 March 2010

Film Legistrations- Weapons;

Since the rise in gun crime within the 21st century, the police and the BBFC have become more intense when giving films their certification. Within the last 10 years films released have been changed once they are distributed on DVD due to the audience response and complaints. Such as the recent Batman: The Dark Knight (2008) which features violence scenes using knives therefore due to public demand and current coverage on the news the film was classified as a "12A". The explicit detail of violence changes the certification- the more graphic, the higher the rating.

Our film opening has the medium/high risk of violence because of the girl being faced at gun point and being buried in a coffin. We need to over look our piece to make sure it suits our target audience of 15+ and doesn't move into the 18 certification category.

I analysed different films which have violence within them to devise a violence scale to rate films:

LOW RISK- Weapons appear to be pretend, for fun and unloaded.
MEDIUM RISK- Weapons appear to be loaded, and fired however the victim is not injured or visible.
HIGH RISK-Weapons are loaded, been fired and injuries or death are apparent.

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