Monday, 15 March 2010

Film Title Development;

When researching into film names we looked into the typical conventions within our film piece.
  • stalker
  • death
  • gun
  • sense of the unknown
  • murder
  • jealously

As a group, we then related these conventions to the words used to describe them. For example,the word "stalker" is usually described as an obsession or illusion. Therefore when looked up these words into the thesaurus and selected the ones we felt would suit our target audience.

Paramnesia and Chimera dominate the pie chart and so we continued to research into the two most popular selections.

Chimera is the term used for a fanciful mental illusion or fabrication.

Paramnesia is the term used for a distortion of a memory in which fantasy and objective experience are confused.

Paramnesia is the perfect candidate for our piece of film because the definition sums up the whole plot. Paramnesia is also not in the English dictionary but is an American term which could suggest the film is mainstream rather than niche.

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