Monday, 22 February 2010

Initial Ideas;

Idea One
  • A girl in her bedroom suffers from a nightmare.
  • Flashbacks and match on action shots to show suffering.
  • Stalker effect from someone watching over her.
  • The scene in bedroom switches between reality and abnormality- It is unable to determine which is which.
  • Voice over(possible poem) suggests eerie atmosphere and begins to untangle the story.
  • Possible panning shot of creepy toys however this may not be included due to the age of the audience.
  • A number of locations and different time setting connotes to confuse audiences and juxtapose.
Idea Two
  • Main character is a male.
  • Voice over of character.
  • Characters running (diegetic) takes over voice over (non-diegetic) to produce the sounds of panic.
  • Running will take place in an urban location.
  • Running climaxes as he arrives at a shop to get milk- this creates false panic for audience, gives thrill.
  • An event happens to move the story along into the next scene.
  • Dark, evening setting.
Idea Three
  • Garage setting in an urban location.
  • Use of speeding up on editing e.g. fast paced walking.
  • Male character with baseball bat doing tricks with strong sounds to go with the blows as he swings it around. This sets an enigma.
  • Dark, evening setting.

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