Monday, 22 February 2010

Gantt Chart;

As we come closer to the filming stages my group devised a week-by-week chart in order to keep on the tight schedule and make sure we include everything needed on our blogs.

Week Beginning:
22 Feb- Keep blog updated, finish audience research (questionnaires), storyboards, voice record opinions on intial idea
1st Mar-Finish storyboards, sounds, typography, lighting, scripts, recreations of characters from exsisting horror/thrillers, shooting schedule
8th Mar- Filming, video diary of filming (podcast), weather updates, changes in storyboard and schedule
15th Mar-Editing stages, final blog touches
29th Mar-5th Apr- HALF TERM finishing blog, guides on how to use macs, cameras and how to edit.
12th Apr- Editing
19th Apr- Evaluation
26th Apr- Evaluation

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