Monday, 1 February 2010

Film Certification;

Film certifcation is used to restrict certain age groups from being exposed and harmed by some scenes shown in films and television shows. The British Broadcast of Film Classifaction are an independent company who advise and keep the public informed about what is contained within films. The website keeps up-to-date informations about the guidelines of films and how they make decisions about classification. The BBFC not only rate films, but also work with television shows, music videos and video games.


Universal films also known as U are reccommended as suitable for all ages (mainly four years and over) because sometimes its unable to determine what may upset a child therefore they restrict any violence, substance abuse, language and threat which could offend any child. U films also follow positive moral values such as education is important and being polite is a must etc.
Most disney films are U & PG because they provide moral values of helping others and making the right decisions. Disney focuses on children because their company surrounds children's happiness.


PG stands for Parental Guidance which allows general viewing however some scene may be unsuitable for young children who are sensitive. Parents are advised to view the film before allowing their children to watch it and if they have any concerns PG should not harm children aged 8 and over.


12A is short for 12 years and over, usually known as general viewing however maybe unsuitable for children under this age. 12A/12 work in the exactly same manner where children 12 and over can watch the film unaccompanied. However, if children under 12 want to view the film they will need an adult to supervise and decide whether the explicit detail will cause harm from the material contained.
  • 12: only used on Video/DVD releases due to the renting and buying guidelines
  • 12A: only used on cinema releases


15 is the classification used to explain no one under the age of 15 may buy, view or rent this film due to the content.


18 is the age of adulthood, so its only correct when it's only suitable for adults. 18 is the legal age for alcohol, marriage and sex shops therefore it can be used in these films without cause any harm to the viewers.


R rated films are most likely found in sex shops or in specially licensed cinema BUT must only be brought, rented or viewed by a person over the age of 18. These are thoroughly monitored due to the explicit detail . R-18 films are not supplied by mail order. A majority of R18 films are pornography.

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