Monday, 22 February 2010

Initial Ideas;

In order to decide what initial idea was best our group analysed the results from the audience research (questionnaires and interviews), advantages and disadvantages of filming locations and additional information such as props, production rules and health and safety. We then decided Idea One was more appropriate and had more potential because I personally visualised the process and the post-production I saw success then communicated this thought to the group. Idea Two and Idea Three were very brief but don't have the opportunity to expand and would be very short pieces of film. The timing of the final film opening piece should aim to be a minimum 1 minute and maximum 2 minutes.

Planning Outline for Final Piece
Before drawing up out storyboards our group sat down and decided step-by-step what would happen within the film opening. In chronological order the story follows as:

  • Long shot of the moon with an voice over of a poem by a little girl, the long shot then pans to the car.
  • The shot cuts to inside the car with an over the shoulder shot of the stalker taking/looking at photos. This is also a point of view shot of the stalker watching the girl close her curtains.
  • Cuts to medium shot of girl in her bedroom preparing for sleep as she walks away from her window unaware of the man outside.
  • Close up of web-cam from laptop.
  • Point of view shot from web-cam (edited in final process to look from web-cam) shows she's being watched.
  • Girl gets into bed and zooms into her eyes. The shot is then graphic matched.
  • Shows girl in her nightmare in a coffin.
  • Cuts back to reality where girl is restless in bed.
  • Cuts back to coffin as she expresses her emotions by winking with evil laughter whilst coming out of the coffin towards the camera. But then collapses back into coffin, she is now dead.
  • Eyes are then graphic matched when she comes out of the nightmare, the girl is in bed when her eyes suddenly open (this is to thrill then audience).
  • Girls actions followed with tracking and match on action shots as she sits up in bed. The non-diegetic sounds of the poem has now ended.
  • A gun is then put to the girls head, the gunman's identity is hidden and only his hand with the gun can be seen.
  • Girl begins to protest and beg for mercy.
  • Cuts to black frame parallel to the gun shot.
  • 2nd gun shot and title appear within a sequence of each other.
  • An over the shoulder shot shows the stalker picking up a camera.
  • Shows half the LCD screen of camera and man's face.
  • The LCD screen shows a picture of the girl.
  • Zooms into the LCD screen photo then juxtaposes the photo into reality.

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