Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Production Rules;

  1. Avoid illegal substances such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.
  2. Avoid use of self transport (e.g. cars, mopeds) as you may cause distractions affecting health and safety.
  3. Foul language is inappropiate for your AS production.
  4. Nudity is also inappropiate for your AS production.
  5. Your media production doesn't exempt the law therefore if abused the police will be involved.
  6. Don't misuse the equipment. Breakages will be paid for by the student responsible.
  7. When filming in outdoor spaces be aware that the public must be asked to be filmed. Only include them in your production if consent has been given.
  8. In specific public places permission must be acquired off your local council.
  9. Copyrighted sounds/products must not be used in your production due to copyright theft.
  10. As long as you follow the rules, production will be fun :)

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