Saturday, 17 April 2010

Evaluation- Question Six: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

we used a range of equipment/software in order to create our final AS piece. is used to keep record of each individuals research, techniques and evaluation. is a uncopyrighted website where you can download different types of typography for free that you can then apply to your film piece. We chose anonymous clipping. and are both social networking sites in which I used to conduct my audience research as it is quicker than speaking to each individual personally. It was also a fast way of collecting critical comments on our final AS piece. Films are also advertised via the internet because it is cheap advertising and effective due to the large number of people who have access to it. is a search engine which can be used in numerous ways. I used this to collect images, watch videos and gain access to other information needed for our piece. helped us begin my research into film openings so I could analyse them. It also became of great help when finding a cheap way to create characters costumes/make up. is a uncopyrighted music website where we downloaded various sounds to create a soundtrack using garage band.

Garage Band is the software we used to create three soundtracks for our film piece. They have a selection of clips already available however you can import more via itunes.

Tripods help keep the camera steady whilst filming to keep a professional look. The tripods size can be adjusted. We used tripods in our piece however we were limited on space at some points such as the shot from inside the car therefore we had to use the camera by hand. We used the camera hand held for the coffin scene for extra distortion.

Imovie was the software we used on the macs to edit and produce our piece in post-production. You can change/add sounds and adjust the video effects on each clip individually.

Windows Movie Maker was an easy way to create videos with a lot of information and can contain videos/photos along the narration.

Paint was used to crop photos so I could use them in windows movie maker or on my blog.

Sony Camcorder was used to record our piece and even create videos like health and safety issues. Easy to use equipment that was spacious.

Slr Camera used to capture characters costume and make up etc.

By spending numerous amounts of time using each piece of software/equipment I can now confidently say I know how to use everything in the list above. I mostly enjoyed working on garage band where I can now understand on how to change the tempo of music, crop music and change the pace in which it plays. Using Blogger is an efficient way of keeping track of what you have done to get to the final AS piece. When I was using Imovie I learnt on about the clips and audio and how everything can be cropped, cut, change colour and matched with audio I made from garage band

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